MAXIM - Tattoo with information, masking tattoo, tattoo repair, tattoo for dating ... Finally, your mother will be delighted with a new pattern on your body.

If you still do not have a tattoo, you are either a hermit, expelled from the monastery for conservatism, or you have innate immunity to fashion. But after what you learn about the benefits of tattoos from the master Anna Darbitskaya, working with a scattering of stars, you probably give up and go under the needle.


During World War II, many officers in Europe and America stabbed their name and blood type. Having such information on your chest or shoulder is always helpful. If you get into an accident, doctors will save time on tests and even praise. And praise from a medic is even more rare than an yeti albino. “Such data can be entered into a drawing associated with a profession,” says Anna. “For example, if a person plays hockey, a blood group can stand among sticks, masks, and other attributes.”


If you have scars, scars and other consequences of participating in the Kulikovo battle, you can do plastic surgeries or use it for years to contract contracting, or you can just close it with a tattoo. “This is my profile, but in general rarely anyone takes on this,” says Anna. - Scars and scars are three-dimensional defects, skin texture changes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the color and intensity of the paint so that the shadows hide the relief. But if done correctly, the defect in the support will not be visible. "


Perhaps you decided to fill yourself with a cheerful blue dolphin, resting in Thailand, and now a spreading purple lizard with a fishtail is smiling from your shoulder. “A color tattoo cannot be removed completely,” the expert says, “but it can be greatly lightened to be closed with a new pattern later. Usually, an old tattoo is not embedded in a new one, but completely overlaps with a darker image. It is both simpler and more aesthetic. ”


tattoos are often ordered by very young people. Even Timati, whom she thoroughly scored, does not only make traditional rapper tattoos for herself.

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