MAXIM - Take a look at how other stars do it (and not only). Not only the legs and voice, but also the rest of the body (and not only) are already being used.

“Open the bottle with your feet” Bottle Cap Challenge (in this publication we told you the story of its emergence and development) is a super dupergame that continues to conquer the planet! The victims of his charm are not only ordinary earthlings, but also famous. Recently, the singer Mariah Carey did not survive and joined the healthy craze.

She approached the task with the characteristic highlight of the creative person and rethought it in accordance with the profession. In the course was launched a legendary voice that took stadiums, corporate parties and Christmas trees! The video posted on her Twitter account in less than a day gained almost 20 million views and more than 1.3 million likes. And this we have not mentioned nearly 500 thousand retweets.

By the way, not only citizen Carey has subjected the challenge to rethink. The captain and defender of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid Real Sergio Ramos also saved his legs and unscrewed the lid ... with his tongue! Less than a day, as a record in the "Instagram" football gathered 8 million views without a hook. Change the dreamy sigh to the envious girls: Sergio is married.

And the Russian figure skater Stanislav Konstantinov made it a skate blade.

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