MAXIM - New issue of the acclaimed “Cotopes” column. In it, we introduce you to the inhabitants of Moscow shelters, who are ready to go home.

But before we take you closer to Sirius and Mara, a small but very important digression. MAXIM warns: a pet is not a piece of furniture or a toy. A pet is a member of a family. Never give a pet, because the desire to take him home should be voluntary and informed by everyone who will live with him.

Remember that it’s bad to treat a pet or get rid of it is the worst thing a person can do. But take a pet from a shelter - the best. Especially since you will receive unconditional love, which is so rare among our brothers in appearance.

Now to the heroes of this week.

One glance at this cat is enough to understand that he was clearly brought to our planet from space. Perhaps his ancestors were ship cats on some flying UFO. Now Sirius is on the ground, but, alas, he has no home.

This cosmic beauty cat already has two of its terrestrial feline years living in a shelter and is waiting for it to be adopted by a family of people. Sirius, for his part, promises to bring unearthly comfort to the house.

Space cat microchipped and sterilized. View other photos and videos with Sirius, as well as contact his curators here.

If you want to have a cat or a cat, but you feel that Sirius is not your cat, look in the cats catalog of the Kozhukhovsky orphanage. In it, you will definitely find your future pet.

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