MAXIM - On the left front, the battle between Biden and Sanders is still ongoing.

In the USA, the primaries in the Republican Party ended ahead of schedule. This is the name of the process of selecting a candidate whom the party will nominate for national elections. Acting President Donald Trump guaranteed his place on the ballot.

The Associated Press estimates that with a total of 2,550 delegates, Trump has already gained more than half: he now has 1276 votes based on the results of the primaries already held in different states. Trump chief of staff Tim Murtaugh said this demonstrates the unity of voters in the desire to re-elect the incumbent for a second term. The press emphasizes that unexpectedly many supporters of the party come to the republican primaries: the turnout exceeds the same figures four years ago.

Democrats have no obvious leader. The battle is fought by socialist Bernie Sanders and centrist Joe Biden, a former vice president under Barack Obama. Biden now has 1147 delegate votes, Sanders has 861.

A national vote is due on November 3, 2020.

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