Natalie Portman

The sexy and talented actress deserves your well wishes.

The epitome of elegance, beauty, and intellect all rolled into one multi-talented, pint-sized package, Natalie Portman steals scenes and hearts alike. With iconic, gripping performances in films like V for Vendetta and Black Swan, plus charmingly offbeat portrayals in flicks like Mars Attacks!, the newly 36 year old exhibits a unique command over audiences across all walks of life.

Most recently, she made her directorial debut with the warmly-received war drama A Tale of Love and Darkness, in which Portman also starred and acted mostly in Hebrew. Her recent portrayal of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy in Jackie was considered a career-best performance by many, and once again proved Natalie Portman is the real deal.

That said, we'll never forget this sizzling moment with Mila Kunis from Black Swan.

To celebrate her 36th birthday, take a look at some of her most memorable looks, from big screen and red carpet alike. (maxim)

Natalie Portman

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