Paola Triana, Photos by: Fabián Medina.

Maxim - Besides model, she is expert in beauty, health and captivate the camera.

She is Paola Triana, Colombian model studies cosmetologist beauty and health and nutrition and biosafety.

From a young age, modeling was her passion, professionally exercising it takes 5 years. The start of his career was a bit cramped and doubtful due to criticism from friends and family when considering modeling a rather controversial means, socially speaking, but his conviction, commitment and security made Paola a model who seeks to convey and contribute content different from the world of fashion.

Paola Triana, Photos by: Fabián Medina.

 Among his passions is sport, it is the basis of his profession to have a harmonious and healthy body, extreme sports help you to level their occupations, activity you love and if your family and friends in their times free loves to go to movies, camping, dancing and listening to music. ( Maxim Mexico )

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