Juanita Arias and Daniela Carollo

One is Colombian and the other Brazilian, one wants to be an actress and the other a famous model. Fate brought them together, and we love to see them together.

We went to look for one and found two. we arrived at them after the footsteps of the Colombian Juanita Arias. She started as a model, for TV commercials, being just a girl and participated in a recognized children's program, before graduating and assuming that her destiny was to be an actress.

She traveled to New York, studied in the academy of Lee Strasberg and later went to London, to prepare itself for her great dream, to arrive at the cinema. She did, as an extra, in the third part of Men in Black before returning for a time to Colombia. She appeared in Five Widows, in the juvenile series Mama also and in the movie Dangerous Loves, where she carried out some sensual scenes with Kathy Sáenz (if you have not seen it, we leave you the restlessness).

Her talent, her impressive eyes and her beautiful figure seemed to ensure him a prominent place on the national scene; however, Juanita disappeared, we did not see her anymore and that's why we decided to look for her.

She came to Mexico a year ago to participate in the series Sincronía (starring Ana de la Reguera) and then the same director called her to act in the comedy Run coyote run, produced by Fox Latin America, and for now has no plans to abandon Mexico City.

"I think I'll be making a race here some time. Mexico is a very big place and I'm getting closer and closer to Los Angeles. " So it is most likely that she will stay a long period in the apartment of La Condesa that she shares with Daniela.

Daniela surnamed Carollo and was born in southern Brazil, in Santa Catarina, although when she was two years old, she went with her family to Rio Grande do Sul. She says she never thought of being a model, but at 16 her father she enrolled in an academy and, as the footballers would say, things were given to him. She moved to Sao Paulo, started modeling and did not stop.

He spent some time in Chile and when she believed that everything would return to normal (Sao Paulo, university, friends, the usual), a scout knew and recommended it with a modeling agency in our country. "I left for four months." That's almost four years ago and has since appeared in magazines such as Glamor, Faces, Women's Health (and Maxim!). She does not plan to return to Brazil for now. "I plan to do the university here."

Nothing to do, we stayed the Mexicans, like our Juanita. They met when the Colombian arrived ("so cute with her pink suitcase," recalls Daniela) to the apartment of a Venezuelan who was their friend in common. The same that Juanita and Daniela share now.

For the Colombian, Daniela is her sister. "I adore her. She is a very sensitive, supremely generous, intelligent and hardworking person. She has her chincheras sometimes, but that's cool, she could not ask for a better roommate. " For the Brazilian, Juanita is kindness in person. "She has a giant heart, she's a very educated, intelligent and disciplined girl, so much so that I say 'general."

Daniela plans to continue traveling and working. "I dream of attending my university and graduating, having children, a family (yes, we do not talk about boyfriends yet)." Juanita is still determined to get to Hollywood. "It is a goal that requires a lot of work, sacrifice and discipline, but I feel that I am going the right way, so I will continue to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way."

The two plan to continue living together. They share accounts, food, clothing, stories and even Jon Snow, something close to a Maltese miniature ("the truth of pure does not have much, but we want it," explains Juanita) that they adopted a few months ago.

"We try not to think of going away, but if one day passes we already have a strategy, the one that goes to live in another place has to adapt a room for the other and for the dog. We always say that, but the truth is we do not plan to separate ourselves, "says Daniela. The truth is that we also like to see them together.

( Maxim Mexico )

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