Silvia Kal

Maxim - In addition to being the image of a line of swimsuits, it receives the most intimate secrets.

She is Silvia Kal, a beautiful Spanish presenter who lives in Los Angeles and now receives the most intimate confessions of singer David Bisbal in the most recent video he has released.

Silvia interprets the psychologist of Bisbal in a session in which the singer confesses intimacies that make her fall in love with him ...

Of course, the story has a surprising ending ...

How was Discovered?

Silvia Kal became famous thanks to the music video she starred with Snoop Dogg Let The Bass Go for the Dreamworks Turbo movie, in which the model challenged the rapper in a car race recreating the Grease film career.

Among the brands she has worked for are Google, Sony, Curacao, KOA Swim, Martini & Milk and many more.

Kal is currently studying drama at the Ivana Chubbuck studio, one of the world's most prestigious acting schools from which stars such as Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron came out, and who trained Halle Berry for his Oscar-winning role in the movie Monster's Ball .

How can we enjoy more of it?

We can listen to it every Thursday in Major Mallorcan radio Última Hora, in the program Tardes Inmediatikas, directed by Sandra Llabrés, in which Kal, from Los Angeles tells the latest news from the Californian city.

Among her new projects, directing Public Relations, she finds the relaunch of Latinas Illustrated, a concept similar to the number of swimsuits from Sports Illustrated magazine, in which through a calendar in which the models will be Latinas, will present the fashion and lifestyle of the Latino community.

Estamos seguros que la veremos cada vez más en nuestras pantallas, porque está dispuesta a conquistar el mundo.

We are sure that we will see it more and more on our screens, because it is ready to conquer the world. ( Maxim Mexico )

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