Maxim - A shy and simple girl with great ambitions is about to win your attention.

Originally from St. Petersburg, at 16 began her adventure in modeling after studying at the theater school. For her, "being a model is not as easy as people think," is a girl who looks at her lifestyle as a commitment to be the best, being "sexy, versatile, critical, not stop learning, weaknesses ".

Participant of Maxim's Finest 2017, she wants to fulfill her dream of starring in an edition where the world admires her in its splendor. In the meantime, she has sent us her sexiest photos so that you know her.
Her desire is to become professionalized in the modeling world and become a girl who can be proud of the type of person she is and her successes. We can see that it is going very well.

If you want to be her friend, you can start by approaching, she is always friendly with the people around her. A quality that distinguishes her, she tells us that she is always thinking about her neighbor and being very attentive to people ...

Darina Dashkina

Do not miss the clue, because this girl is going to get very far. Follow it on Instagram in your @darinkadashkina account ( Maxim Mexico )

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