Kim Kardashian
You, by the way, saw this fresh snapshot of Kim? Look! And at the same time admire other photos of the duo.

Text: Irina Korotchenko

Maxim - Was he tired without fresh exciting photos Kim Kardashian? Exhale, your anguish has come to an end: in her Instagram appeared a picture, for which admiration a few hours will fly for you as one moment.

Here you look at this picture - and for certain you do not know whom to thank for it. And we'll tell you now! Putting a woman on a tree in almost the same shoes (the stars covering the nipples, not counting) can only an outstanding personality. In this case, it comes at once about two personalities - photographers Merta Alas and Marcus Piggott.

If to you these names about what do not speak, in the fashion world they cause awe and a many-kilometer queue of superstars, wishing to get in the sights of their lenses.

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Mert and Marcus have worked for many years as a duet, they have become famous for their unique creative style and colossal influence on the art of photography. In their portfolio - advertising campaigns of such fashionable monsters as Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, can be listed until the morning.

So as not to hit the dirt on any secular reception, remember at least the simplest: Mert and Marcus were born in 1971, the first in Turkey, the second in Wales. Interest in fashion and gloss - it's from their childhood. Familiarized the maestro in 1994 quickly worked well. 20 years of joint activity flew quickly, but damn interesting. In honor of the jubilee, they decided to release a book, for it, and shot a great Kim, and Irina Shake and other worthy persons.

We have collected for you several works of a famous photo-maker, who left in our memory the deepest trace. But we strongly advise you not to stop at this, but to spend at least an evening or two studying the Instagrams of Alas and Piggott's comrades. ( Maxim Russia )

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