Dejana Zivkovic
Maxim - Be aware of the Serbian model that inspired the Bosnian tennis player for the first victory in the ATP tournament!

Look at her inspired photos in the name of strengthening friendship between the Serbian and Russian peoples!

Text: Irina Korotchenko

So far you have been quietly rejoicing at how cool it is to be a man in Russia. And now to the arguments in favor of this point of view, which you brought to yourself, one more, especially convincing, was added: it was our tennis player Damir Jumhur who represented Bosnia and Herzegovina who won the ATP series tournament (namely St. Petersburg Open 2017) - for the first time in history his country!

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Success lifted him in the ranking of the best tennis players of the world on the 40th line. Dotselovav triumphal goblet, the athlete switched to his girl, 24-year-old Serbian model Dejanu Zhivkovic, and passionately thanked her for inspiring him to win.

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The couple is only a few months old, and a loyal friend accompanies the tennis player at all tournaments. Looking at the amazing Dejan's photo, even the bronze Apollo will be inspired to drive the quadriga at the Bolshoi Theater. We made for you an inspirational gallery of victorious images of a miracle Serb! ( Maxim Russia )

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