Jada Sezer
Meet the princess of magnificent forms and the queen of exciting bends!

Text: Semen Shrike

Maxim - The first thing we learned about the British model Jade Sezer is what is called the "plus-size icon". In his native England, Jada is working hard for the good of women with forms: he is removed for magazines and advertising and promotes the idea of ​​plus-size with all his might.

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She even wrote a letter to Karl Lagerfeld with a call to pay attention to the plus-size models and create their own collections with all types of figures taken into account.

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It is not known whether Lagerfeld answered this appeal. But they are sure that if Jada enclosed her photos in underwear or even a link to "Instagram", the answer would be positive. NR, if you think carefully, why are attractive girls like Jada wearing clothes? ( Maxim Russia )

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