Alejandra Silva
Maxim - Look at who the 68-year-old superstar was replaced by the model and Bond girl Cary Lowell!

The media spread rumors: Richard Gere is getting married again! At the pernicious thoughts the press was inspired by the appearance in the Spanish Senate of the problems of the homeless elect of the actor, Alejandra Silva, in the company of a ring with a diamond, suspiciously resembling a wedding, and Gir himself, with a kindly look like a bridegroom.

However, the official comments from the pair have not yet followed, so let's leave the ruthless press to feast on the rumor field, and we will better reliably tell you about the one who killed the twice married 68-year-old heart of Gere.

Alejandra is 34, behind it is a trail of a secular lioness and public figure. She is divorced, married to the heir of the exploration group Ivanhoe Mines Govand Friedland, from this marriage there is a son Albert. Gere was married twice: from 1991 to 1995 - on the carrier of the most dizzying mole of all time, Cindy Crawford, and in 2002-2016 - on the model and actress Cary Lowell (remember, the Bond girl from the "License for Murder" ?), which bore him a son, save and have mercy, Homer.

Silva and Gere announced that they meet in June 2015. Again, according to rumors, by the time they were together for a year (formally the artist was still in a legal marriage, but his conscience is clear: he and Lowell announced that they were leaving, back in 2013). At first, the gossip of the whole world, the life was bright, but short, for this novel. However, as you can see, Alejandra managed to convincingly dispel all the talk. It remains only to wait whether the novel with a stone will turn out to be a harsh truth and end with a wedding or the world will see Richard our Gyr in free flight for the contender # 4.

A delightful waiting for you will brighten up this selection of the most sincere photos from the Instagram, the conqueror of the hot Spanish senators and Hollywood stars. (Maxim Russia)

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