Miss Bumbum Brazil

"They are getting too big to be naturally beautiful, and that should be a cause for national concern."

MAXIM - Kim Kardashian's massively influential behind is causing a national crisis in Brazil, according the founder of the country's annual Miss Bumbum competition.

Cacau Oliver, the 39-year-old entrepreneur who created the enormously successful best butt contest, recently declared that the obsession with copying Kardashian's bodacious rear conflicts with the patriotic spirit of Miss Bumbum.

'Brazil has always been known as the land of the beautiful, sexy bottom," he said, per the Daily Mail. "But now they are getting too big to be naturally beautiful and that should be a cause for national concern."

Oliver, who just released his autobiography Make Celebrities, expanded on his worries about "unsightly, exaggerated bottoms" in a statement to international media, per Frontera.

"Unfortunately, the bottom of Kim Kardashian has redefined the parameters in the Bumbum nation," he said in reference to the recent Miss Bumbum rule change that limits derriere diameters to 17 inches—the same size as Kardashian's.

"In recent years we have seen how the Kim effect changed what was considered a beautiful body, especially with regard to the rear". 

"I would ask them to be patriotic and instead of trying to copy an American butt, strive to preserve the image of Brazil around the world," Oliver added.

We couldn't agree more. Just looks at how naturally bodacious previous Miss Bumbums' butts have been:

Rosie Oliviera - Miss Bumbum 2017

Erika Canela - Miss Bumbum 2016

Suzy Cortez - Miss Bumbum 2015

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