MAXIM - "Dreszcz Rozkoszy" what is translated from Polish means "Thrill delight! ". So exclaims (probably) everyone pole when sees Joanna Krupa. We are doing just as much already years. Try and you!

Interview: Vlad KovleyskyPhoto: Alessandra Fiorini

We lost track of count how many covers of men's magazines are you decorated?

To be honest, I myself have long lost count. After all, eighteen years of career! Exactly I can say that there are more than a hundred of them. And, You know, I'm very proud of that.

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You have always opposed the use of animal fur in clothes. But in Russia many women are still
wear fur - well, it's cold here. What are you will you advise them?

Oh, there are a lot of alternatives to fur. it it's simply ridiculous to say in 2018, that without fur we will freeze. I spent a lot of time in Poland, and there it is quite cold, and somehow managed without all this. We are not in the Stone Age we live in the end.

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The important question: do you sunbathe topless? If yes, then where can we get you see?

I'm afraid that nowhere. I'm sunbathing topless Only at home near the pool.

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Very sorry. When did you last time genuinely laughing?

But just now, when you told me that you can not survive in Russia without natural fur. But in general, I always try to surround myself people with a good sense of humor. Life is too short to to be sad.

The world is mired in scandals over sexual harassment. What are you think about it?

Many influential men abuse their position. And I'm glad that now it's not is hushed up. At the same time, there is feeling that some women are now abusing this situation in Hollywood. So what is it difficult question.

And have you ever been frankly bothered about yourself?

I always had a mind to anyone Do not go to the hotel room for business meetings, but to conduct them in a working space and during business hours. And if someone suggested deciding issues in a private setting, I always took her manager.

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Well, then how can a man manifest interest in a woman, so that later not accused of harassment?

I think if a man behaves respectful of a woman, no one will not blame anything.

You've been living in the US for a long time. Polish did not forget?

Not that I know him perfectly, but it is quite decent. I, after all, often to work in Poland and to that I also conduct the Polish version of the show Next Top Model. This summer we will shoot the seventh season.

And have you been to Russia?

You will not believe, never! But very want. Heard many amazing things about your country - I promise soon to arrive.

Are there stereotypes about Russian men in the US?

They are often very successful, but while they are cold. Many are confused coldness with self-confidence.

Pamela Anderson decided to quit with  filming at forty-eight. And what about your plans?

That's a good question. Fair saying, I did not even think about it. While my body is in order, I will be removed. (Maxim Russia)

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