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MAXIM - Comprehensive guide to erotic correspondence. Does erotic correspondence affect the quality of sexual life? After what date can I send a photo of the penis? And other vital issues. With answers and statistics!

Text: Semen Shrike

Erotic correspondence is one of the pillars on which modern relations are kept. And only at first glance it seems that this is a simple occupation, to reach the heights of skill in which a couple of trifles (after all, the author of "50 shades of gray" managed to write a whole novel in this genre!). Everything starts usually quite vigorously, but after the second, rarely the third, replica, not the piquant details suddenly pop up in the memory, but school essays about Pechorin's place in Lermontov's work.

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That's why we formulated the rules how to write erotic SMS.

Experts from the British medical resource Dr.Ed conducted a survey, polling 2000 inhabitants of Europe and the United States. The respondents answered the questions about how often they write erotic letters and send their intimate photos to the interlocutors and, most importantly, whether their sexual life has improved because of this.

As the study showed, the most active in the matter of sending someone his piquant photograph were people aged 18 to 24 years. In the United States, this is done by 40% of men and 36% of women. In Europe, the figures are slightly lower, but also impressive: 33% and 31%. The more grown-up people, the less often they spoil their partners with nude photos. On average, every 5 years the indicator falls by 5%. (Maxim Russia)

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