Usually in such cases it is customary to write: "It seems summer will be hot!" But we will abstain.

MAXIM - For us, people living in Russia, there is nothing surprising in that summer is the time when sex smiles to us more often. In the end, only in the summer we have a chance to go out into the street in something not reminiscent of the skin of a dead bear (and often it is she) and not die. Only in the summer we warm up so much that we remember the existence of such a beautiful phenomenon as flirting alive, and not in "Tinder". Only in the summer ... In general, basically all the pleasant things happen in the summer.

Therefore, when the doctor of medical sciences of the Harvard Medical School Ashvini Nadkarni told why in the summer we want sex more often than in the winter, we were not particularly surprised. And now came a new study related to summer sex. And it arrived from there, where they did not expect - from Australia, where, it seems, the whole summer. That is, to start the summer there when we have winter. But even in the summer there is summer (because +25 in the shade is, of course, not winter, do not mix our woolen socks).

It turned out that even in hot Australia, summer and winter are distinguished in the context of sexual activity. Moreover, Australian scientists conduct full-fledged studies of the impact of the season on the personal lives of people. So, the employees of the Melbourne Sexual Health Center, who are mostly treated by those who are worried about their sexual health, analyzed the patients' data from 2006 to 2014. Apparently, they analyzed as much as four years, since the results of the study arrived only now.

It turned out that both women and men who turned to the clinic with sexually transmitted diseases had more partners in the summer than in the winter. Also in the summer in men, neonococcal urethritis was particularly popular, and in women - inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

In general, before a hot summer day to respond to suggestions of half-naked beauties to get acquainted and have a good time, think carefully! Remember: non-gonococcal urethritis! (Whatever it means, do not want to have it on the medical record.) (Maxim Russia)

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