Illustrations: Sergey Radionov.

A chapter explaining things that surround you, again with you!

MAXIM - Before the birth of birth control pills, in order not to become pregnant, women had to go to horrible things-for example, to deny men sex. And all because, according to the doctor-gynecologist of the highest category, Li Khitarishvili, every 21-28 days in the ovaries of the female the ovum ripens, which then falls into the fallopian tube, where for 2-3 days, looking at the clock, waiting for a meeting with a beautiful sperm. This process is called ovulation.

The basis of contraceptive preparations is the synthesized analogues of female hormones for estrogens and gestagens. "An artificial hormone inhibits the production of its own hormones of a woman, suppressing the process of ovulation," Leah explains.

It would seem that this could be stopped, but to guarantee soulless scientists came up with several more traps. Due to the action of the tablets, the viscosity of the mucus of the cervix increases. Unable to move, unfortunate spermatozoa die in thousands, like partisans in the swamps of Karelia.

Yaytsekletkaleniv and moves to the place of encounter with the spermatozoon only by cutting the walls of the fallopian tubes. Artificial hormones turn off the contractions, leaving the immobilized egg quietly dying at the place of maturation.

In addition, the pills cause such changes in the mucous uterus, which, even avoiding all obstacles and encountering a sperm, the egg is unable to stay on the uterine wall.

Next time we will explain how the condom works. (Maxim Russia)

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