Marusya Zykova

MAXIM - Etheric creation: Marusya Zykova. It turns out that all these sexy girls in our favorite funny programs "Big Difference", "Give the Youth!" And "Video Bite" - this is the same sexy girl Marusya Zykova

Interview: Alexander Malenkov
Photo: Oleg Zotov
Style: Irina Volkova

She's just always changing clothes. We managed to capture this process in the photo.

It all started with a parody of advertising in the "Big Difference": "Mouth - Lubok. Lips - Ljublubs ", where you acted as a teacher ...

In general, it all started much earlier. I always dreamed of becoming an actress. My uncle, director, all my childhood prepared me, put sketches. It was somehow childishly interesting. With age, this interest intensified. Then I got carried away by television, worked first in Tula, then became bored in Tula, and I went to Moscow. At first I was not taken to the frame, I went to castings, everywhere they said: "We will call back ..." Well, in the best traditions of castings.

My question has matured. Question-pun! Have you come with your samovar from Tula?

It's original! And about the carrot will be questions? Although, you're right, with your own. At that time I was not alone and to conquer the capital, we also came together. I was 18, that is, five years have passed ... Well, can I not talk about this? I have questions about my personal life and all sorts of topics at a dead end. Let me as if elegantly left the answer.

Do you seriously think that we are interested in your career? We are primarily concerned about the man Marousi Zykova. What kind is he? How to become one?

I do not know. I do not have any clear type, if we talk about appearance. I like men who want something. Something, except me ... Which represent something apart from me. And then people have the property to cling to each other, grow together in a single tangle and so exist on trips to the "Auchans" on weekends, in "Megi", in "Ikeya" ... I immediately get bored. I want everyone to have their own battlefield. It's always interesting to discuss. These are two independent states, between which there are established diplomatic relations. Something like this.

We have an interview with a Lithuanian model in this issue. She was the first of all to say: I have no sense of humor. The main thing is to have a good body! This is not your case?

It's great when a man can laugh ... Surviving without humor is very difficult. But I'm generally against choosing a man as a car, under the list of options. A person either catches, or does not cling. So this is the dumbest question.

Thank you. I have one more. Here you are almost a professional humor. Say, sex and laughter are really incompatible or do you, humorists, have it?

Well, maybe there are clinical cases ... I read there, somewhere there is a man who has been laughing ceaselessly for several years now - apparently, during sex too. No, of course, these are very different things. With some giggling, this can begin ... And then what kind of laughter? Next is not to laugh! Why make a vinaigrette from all the joys of life?

Women are divided into dependents and business. How do you see yourself in the future?

Life has its own plans for you ... I do not really think about the future. But I know for sure that this is a very unstable position - to charge one's expectations to another person.

So be it, back to your career. You worked on television in Moscow behind the scenes and suddenly it happened ...

Nothing suddenly. In fact, I was always very interested in how someone had happened in their lives, read biographies, interviewed actresses. And I found out that there are some patterns of these "like" accidents. For example, someone fell ill, and they say to her: Come on, try it. And here it is - a chance. And I dreamed: that would be great as well! I dreamed, and myself worked behind the scenes as an administrator, assistant, producer, editor ... And we did a "big difference", and two days before the shooting, when this story was being prepared, "La Llabra", I was told: "Come on, you will try. " I, shaking and stuttering, read it for the first time, then three days I slept this roliushka, then - ah-ah-ah! - They took me off. And then I was invited to "Give the youth!" - and it raced.

Do you have a stupid blonde?

Here and no! If only at the very start in "Give the youth!". There are, of course, stereotypes, I am frightened of them, and the writers already know and write less and less for me such sketches. It's very hard to play dur - to cut off your brain and try to think like a man who does not think.

What is your favorite image in the "Big Difference"?

For me, the most organic image, the simplest and most successful, is Ksenia Sobchak. I'm having fun in it. It's so ... without brakes, so you can do anything, anything, and it will be in its organics. All the rest are more complicated. That's how tomorrow to reincarnate in Sergei Zvereva - I will not put my mind to it.

You have so many different images! Do you ever get to know when you are in your neutral everyday form?

In "Give the youth!" I always paint and dress very brightly - in my life I do not look so. In the "Big Difference" noses are glued. So they recognize me infrequently and, as a rule, at the most stupid moments of life, when I least want it. I always dreamed that it would somehow be on hand. The policeman there stops: "Oh, it's you ... sorry ..." Aha! There was a situation recently. I have repairs at home. I went to a nearby store for some kind of spatula ... I go: tail, jeans in paint, down jacket, sneakers - anti-glamor, as it is. And a guard starts to follow me in the store. I think: wow, if a person does not look good, this does not mean that he will now steal some kind of oil dish there. I already even got a phone to show that I have a phone. That I'm a respectable man! Then I look - he already approached the manager, and they began to follow me. I think: what kind of business! Well, I took everything, knocked it out at the checkout, I go to the exit, and it blocks my way. And I think: Well, the dog, if he asks me to show his pockets, I'll tell him everything - where he was born and how he will die. Already did an evil face, and he is this: "Excuse me, please, I could not see you on TV?"

Do you watch your programs yourself? Do you like yourself?

"Big Difference" and "Give Younger!" I look mostly calmly, but "Videobytva" ... When I'm leading it, I do not have any text, all on improvisation, so I do not remember much. It's like if a person drank heavily, and then they tell him how he was strange. Therefore, the "Videobytva" broadcast for me is always full of surprises.

Tell me about this photo session. No, come on like this: Are you an exhibitionist?

You're just like us in the "Big Difference": Fedor, are you gay? No, not so: why movie? You know, I'm very calm about my own body. It justifies my personal expectations, and thank him for that. I do not suffer from exhibitionism, rather an easy dysmorphophobia, if such a heated conversation has already taken place. I was a bit strange all this, because men and women have different ideas about what is sexy and what is not. It seems to me that sexuality is natural, relaxed, and not in a deliberately curved back or passionately bitten lip. When women have sex with you, they do not bend the back to the verge of vertebral fracture?

I do not remember now, but it seems that I welcomed this behavior in every possible way, when I was concerned about kindergarten entertainment like sex. Thank God, I now have a Wii game console, and I do not care. And you even care about women's beauty?

I think men are more beautiful than women.

What, and never kissed with girls?

Absolutely not! And she did not dance drunk on the bar. I'm not very interesting to you in this respect. Well, here I am. Not that I'm white and fluffy ... I'm very angry. In traffic jams, for example.

Do you swear with a mat?

Of course! I'm an intelligent person. Only the finished ones ... the bulls do not swear at mate!

But some girls think that sagging back is not vulgar, and swearing obscenities is vulgar.
Well, let them lie further. This is part of the Russian language, and I respect it. In addition, these words carry a great emotional burden. Swearing mat is useful for complexion and peace of mind.

You so easily and sincerely answer such difficult questions! Do you know yourself so well?

On the contrary, it seems to me that I do not know myself yet. Probably, by virtue of my age, I'm having a hard time making decisions, always thinking them over carefully, turning them around like that. I do not know yet how right. I'm so ... doubting. But nothing, it will pass. In thirty years ... at the age of thirty I will finally understand that there is no "right", and finally I will relax.

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