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Interview: Anton Gorodetsky
Photo: Yury Koltsov
Style: Irina Volkova

From: Kazan
Age: 22
Instagram: bit_of

Alena, tell us how you got to our competition?

Honestly, I had no idea about him. My friend advised me: "Try, suddenly you will succeed." And I just set up a hashtag, but look how it all happened!

That's for sure. Friend - in the sense of a boyfriend?

No, just a friend.

So you're free?

Almost. It is likely that one of the local guys in Kazan and I'm sure that I'm his girlfriend. I work in the club sphere, a promoter, so someone constantly pushes me and drives me. But I do not like all these people.


Because usually girls like smart, interesting and the like. And I like idiots.

Idiots? In the sense that they could not read?

No, not in this sense. I like peculiar people: they seem to be adequate, but they are muddled. Those who make bets, all lose, but then all win back and even more.


Yes. The less attention he pays to me, the more I like him. And everyone does the opposite: they fly too persistently, they try to seem good-looking: "I'm so good, here's my business, here's my car, here's my apartment, that's all. Let's go already to me. "

And what does it mean to have a deer tattoo under your chest? Very beautiful, by the way.

Nothing special. I was somehow changed by a young man. It was hard, I thoughtlessly flipped through the Internet, this picture caught my eye. And in such difficult moments, you know, how it happens with girls: you need to urgently change something, change, repaint, change your hair style dramatically. So I decided to make a tattoo. In honor of that very deer.

(Maxim Russia)

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