MAXIM - Sitting at home, you never understand what giant contraption surrounds us. But gradually denial is replaced by bargaining and acceptance. And now you already want to stroke a giant wombat!

This gallery does not contain photo montages. We even specifically checked the guide for particularly unbelievable cases and found out that a wombat (such as in the photo with a girl) can really weigh 45 kilograms with 130-centimeter height.

The request for the rest of the pictures to be treated with the same confidence and consider them on the big screen.

By the way, have you ever noticed that if you buy a monitor or TV in a large store and bring it home, then in a city apartment it seems much larger than it seemed in the salon?

The quarry will be larger when you realize that the small dots below are giant mining trucks

Adult Wombat (foreground).

Blue whale heart versus human
Our horizon would look like if Saturn were on the moon

"Titanic" in comparison with a modern liner
Claws of an eagle compared to a human hand

Pterosaurus is the largest flying creature in the history of the planet. Now they don’t know how!
A clear demonstration of how many planets the Earth will fit in one Sun.

A combed crocodile is found over five meters long.
The ring that was actually filmed in a number of scenes from The Lord of the Rings.

Air-filled Horse Lungs.

UHF underground cable.
Achatina gigantic snail, traditionally inhabits Africa.

A leatherback turtle can weigh 600-900 kg.

American Moose.

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