Maria Anokhina
None, even the very first TV channel, and none, even the most outspoken advertising, will ever show you so much of Maria Anokhina. Previously, you admired her in short commercials and delved into her speech on MTV. But, you must agree, you always missed something. And now you can look beyond the face of what is permitted by television with both eyes and understand what you so desperately needed all this time.

Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Photo: Yuri Koltsov
Style: Irina Volkova

You were shooting in advertising chips, martini, electric books ... But let's start with your enchanting appearance in the game Forza Motorsport4 for Xbox 360 - in a leather waistcoat and very conditional shorts. A person buys a disc with a game, and there's already a live, beautiful, erotic Masha inside. Depending on what button it presses, you say something. At one time, games were produced erotic content: there had to communicate with the girl and theoretically it could be dragged into bed. If someone suggested that you play in such a game, would you agree?

No, I do not participate in such projects and try to avoid them in every possible way. I earn on other things.

It's a pity. People who buy the game want Masha Anokhin not only to demonstrate the car. They need this option, so that with Masha you could flirt a little. Without much hope, of course, but at least somehow.

I believe that the game is still about the race, but I'm such an application that attracts attention. And I do not want to be in another role there, for me it's a personal insult. Nobody knows that when I participate in some projects, in advertising, I pronounce the text without a prompter, I'm teaching it for half an hour, and there is an improvisation. And the comments - "I would have blown up". Offends in fact.

Listen, Masha, you did everything yourself to make it happen. You have a gorgeous chest, long white hair ...

Do you suggest that I repaint them? Its natural color? Why should I avoid what nature and parents have given me?

Maria Anokhina

I do not propose to avoid, I just say that nature has given you so much that as a result all men, even very decent, decent thoughts do not arise. Just online people are more frank, so they do not say: "My God, what a beauty! I'm going crazy from her, "but express directly:" I would have blown up. "

The most offensive is that this stereotype was created by girls who do not have such a natural beauty, so they make themselves artificial: they build up their hair, paint them in a light color ... And in the end, we, such natural girls, have a similar reputation. It is very difficult to wash off from it. Even working in serious companies, you will have to constantly prove that you have absolutely different moral qualities. True, there were thoughts of repainting, cutting hair, breaking my nose and recovering, so that I was left behind.

Did you make a tattoo too, to be left behind? To attract less attention, right?

No, I made a tattoo for myself. If I wanted to prove something to others, I would have done it in more prominent places.

In fact, if you did it for yourself, you would do it in front, not behind.

From the back, I started to do it, because I interrupted the old tattoo. There was such a green spot, the wings of a butterfly, - they made it bad for me. Then everything smoothly flowed forward.

Maria Anokhina

By the way, it turned out very nicely.

This beauty is quite painful. Imagine seventeen sharp needles piercing your skin every few seconds ... Six sessions, and the session can last for ten hours. And it is even impossible to drown out this pain, for example, with alcohol: the blood can behave somehow unofficially and the picture will fade ...

And if so painful, then why?

Good question. Firstly, it's beautiful, and secondly, I do not see anything wrong with a man's desire to improve himself.

But you have a picture in half of your back and ... hips.

Yes, I have a big picture. I did not even think at first that it would be so great ... But the drawing is made for me personally, sketches and all-everything-everything solely in my figure-an individual tattoo. When I realized its true dimensions, how it fits into my idea of ​​myself, there was some time for decision-making. And the decision has come: I do! It turned out quite harmoniously.

Maria Anokhina

And in your personal life do you have with harmony how things stand?

And in my personal life all the feng shui. With my young man, we have been together for three years. Everything suits us, everything is fine. By the way, at the time of making a decision about the tattoo, he was next to me and influenced me: come on, he says it's cool!

Of course, it's not for him to suffer under needles ...

( Maxim Russia )

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