MAXIM - Three short videos, after which you can not look at tennis players without blushing.

We have long ceased to hide that we have a weakness for tennis, especially for women. After all, who, if not a woman, can demonstrate the beauty and grandeur of this noble game! (Bite, feminists!).

We try to constantly expand our tennis knowledge, and if a couple of years ago they were limited to the name of Maria Sharapova, now we are watching the careers of Donna Vekic and Caroline Wozniacki (especially for Carolina it's nice to see her being photographed naked for the cover of the magazine).

But, frankly, we did not suspect that in order to make tennis look great, we do not need a professional tennis player. Sufficiently professional model in the form of a tennis player and with a bottle of water. These three videos serve as a graphic illustration.

( Maxim Russia )

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