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We caught actress Sophia Kashtanova - confused Kristina from the series "Policeman with Rublevki" - and let's take pictures of her!
Sophia Kashtanova

Is it true that as a child you went to Mexico?

Yes, I left with my mother, who married a Mexican. They had an incredible meeting at the airport before flying to Cuba. It was love at first sight, the Mexican immediately offered his hand and heart. The stranger wrote her letters for six months: with confessions of love, stories about his favorite author - Bulgakov, favorite artist - Van Gogh, and favorite composer - Tchaikovsky.

And what did you learn from Mexico?

Love to people. In this southern country, all people are on a good wave. When I, a little girl, came from there to Russia, my smile did not leave my face. Often they looked at me like a crazy child.

Sophia Kashtanova
Did you learn how to cook tacos?

And what is there to cook it? It's very simple.

Where are you safer in Mexico or Russia?

In Mexico City it is very dangerous. But we live by the Caribbean, there is a complete relaxation. As a child, I always walked with a huge sheepdog on the beach, and no one came up to me. But in Moscow, I'm calm too.

But you as an actress should be able to portray something that is not the most joyful. Can you cry during a quarrel, if you understand that the arguments are powerless?

In my personal life, I take everything to heart and often sob not intermittently. After that I go away for a long time. As, actually, and at work after stressful scenes. I remember we filmed a scene in the Crimea for the movie "Moon-Moon". October, cold air, and my partner and I must swim nicely. However, there was an aggravating factor: the Black Sea was swarming with jellyfish! And in this broth of jellyfish we had to kiss! Ordeal.

Did you eat jellyfish? The Chinese love.

Since I'm not Chinese, the jellyfish, cockroaches and grasshoppers, which Mexicans appreciate so much, are perfect savagery.

Since we're talking about kissing, tell me, do directors offer erotic scenes?

When I was fifteen years old and I worked as a model, I was sent a script. I sat proud on a couple, did not listen to the teacher and enjoyed the story about a girl with Indian roots who went to India to look for relatives. And suddenly I understand that this is absolute porn! The heroine meets a man, they begin to make love under the waterfall, then continue to three, move to the palm tree ... But I'm fifteen, I'm innocent, I do not know anything, I blush, I cover the script with my hand. Since then nothing has happened.

Sophia Kashtanova
What's strange.

Nothing strange. We do not know how to shoot eroticism. I really love movies with a serious erotic background: "Dreamers", "Temptation", "Do not go away." This is the highest art that excites. But in our cinematography there are no such films.

If Bondarchuk decides to withdraw the continuation of "Nine and a half weeks" and invite you?

I doubt it. Rather, invite his wife. But I will consider this option in detail.

And in what new films can I look at you in detail?

In May, the sequel "Policeman from Rublevki to Beskudnikovo", where I play a prostitute Christina, and a mystical film "Sleeping" on NTV. There I am a rock star who committed several murders.

Do you think it's necessary to execute a deliberate murder?

There are scum who do not need to live with us on the same planet. A person has no right to take life from another person.

Today I killed a fly and felt uncomfortable for the first five seconds.

I can not kill a fly, for me it's stress! Although we exaggerate a little the seriousness of killing a fly, I can only smack a mosquito who drinks my blood.

Sophia Kashtanova
Unlike mosquitoes, horses do not drink blood. I know you're great in the saddle. And often fell?

Repeatedly. I seriously engaged in equestrian sports, participated in competitions. Horses are amazing animals. When my father died, the horse saved me from heavy experiences. It's like swimming with dolphins - from the same opera.

Are you generally a gentle person?

Oh yeah! Sometimes I feel so tender that I want to embrace the whole world. Perhaps, in the actress, I went just to share this tenderness.

People who consider you their dream can hope for reciprocity in social networks?

I confess that I do not always answer private messages. The fact is that I rarely go to Instagram, although this is not right. I will be corrected.

I did not hear: to correct or get drunk?

To be corrected. Although sometimes getting drunk can be very right and fun. I remember shooting the film "Wolf's Sun" in the delightful Lviv. In an incredible euphoria, leaving the restaurant, my friends and I lay down on the tram rails and stared at the starry sky. And the policemen passed by. The very same people who took us to the station a few hours ago for illegally entering the ruined house. Fortunately, everything worked out. It's good that the police were humorous.

Sophia Kashtanova

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