Maxim November 2017
Maxim - Well, now imagine our November cover without the mermaid of domestic show business - singer and actress Dasha Charushi!

Fairy dune

Page 54

About whom: "Nature endowed it generously ..." This expression of the classics is suitable for Dasha Charusha without any irony: an actress, singer, composer and director, and still a beauty and a thinker. The last two points we undertake to prove with the help of photographs and interviews.

Go away, positive!

Page 40

What: the constant pursuit of happiness is the scourge of the 21st century! An article about why it is more profitable to be a pessimist than a person to whom all the glasses seem to be half full.

Living not by the rules

Page 46

About whom: incredible stories of survival at depth, in the snow and in the desert. But, perhaps, the most incredible thing in these stories is that they still have not been filmed.

Elections: adults only

Page 82

About what: why you should go to the polls, MAXIM explains the most easily understood language in the whole world - the body language.

The image of the superfluous person in the female literature

Page 62

About whom: go through our test and find out how women see you - a languid vampire or a passionate lumberjack? A big plus of this test: the result is not necessarily to share in "Facebook".

Modest charm of slavery

Page 70

About what: at a certain stage of the development of civilization the slave system could be considered progressive. Still, the dinosaurs did not have slaves, because they died out! It remains to understand why the slave owners died out over the years.

To the answer!

Page 32

About whom: the former vocalist of "Agatha Christie", and now the solo artist Vadim Samoilov answered in our interview for everything: for his relationship with his brother, for the Donbass, for sex, for drugs and, of course, for rock and roll!

Fakes and Feilies

Page 76

About what: with the advent of Adobe Photoshop, the Ministry of Truth around the world have found a second wind! Officials, military and simply munhhhausen careerists began to correct the news and the chronicle at their command. And yet, the truth will not disappear from the Internet even in your own ministry!


Page 88

What: the exhibition of the achievements of the automobile industry in Frankfurt showed what our great-grandsons will ride in ten years. It is required only for the remaining time to urgently raise great-grandchildren.


Page 94

What: the winter in Russia is a sabbath of elements: frost, darkness, wolves and gusts of a meter from several meters per second to several kilometers per hour! And yet the above does not mean at all that it is necessary to dress modestly and imperceptibly. On the contrary, every exit to the street for you should become so ceremonial, as if it was the last! (Maxim Russia)

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