MAXIM - Christmas tree - a very significant part of the holiday, no less important than Olivier or hangover. And every year between the supporters of living and artificial Christmas trees are heated arguments.

Pros and cons of both of you and without us you know: live smells nice, but the next six months you will take out dry needles from the most unexpected clothing items and body parts. In addition, sooner or later it will have to be taken out to the trash, and you will have to do it for you (even if you very much asked Santa Claus on New Year's Eve that this cup should pass you). Supporters of artificial Christmas trees will tell you that they preserve nature and every time they get a box of a tree out of the pantry, Greenpeace should throw up the caps.

And here is a curious fact. From the ecological point of view, freshly cut spruce brings to nature less harm than plastic:

  • For an artificial Christmas tree to pay for itself, it must be used for at least 20 years. To this conclusion came the researcher from Montreal Jean-Sebastian Trudele. The usual period of its operation is a maximum of 8 years.
  • "The production of artificial Christmas trees has three times as much impact on climate change and depletion of resources as cutting down the same number of ordinary Christmas trees," a study conducted by the consulting firm Ellipsos informs us.
  • Most artificial Christmas trees are made from non-recyclable materials (PVC, non-recyclable plastic), and the most substandard ones can be toxic due to the lead contained in the materials.
  • Meticulous scientists even calculated that you usually buy an artificial Christmas tree in a place three times farther away than where you would have bought a living tree. So, you burn gas and pollute the environment.
  • Live Christmas trees are grown in special farms exclusively for New Year's purposes. So cutting does not cause damage to agricultural land. Moreover, after the holidays, live Christmas trees can be recycled to compost. And even if this does not happen to them, they will calmly decompose, as befits organic creatures. (Maxim Russia)

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