Anna Khilkevich

MAXIM - Anna Khilkevich: "Well, on the plane - it's unoriginal ... Once I did it on stage!"
TV series and films from cinemas are reliable suppliers of sex symbols. We meet the star of Univer and Lucky Islands, as well as our girl from the cover - Anya Khilkevich!

Anya, in fact you're not new to the movie?

I'm a veteran! I'm now 25 years old, and I'm shooting from fourteen. Theatrical school, theatrical institute. Films, serials. "Barvikha" here is a pretty notable project ...

Who does not know Barvikha? Even the village in honor of the series called?

But I accidentally managed to finish Plekhanovka as an "economist-advertiser". At some point, I began to languish in the thought that acting is a very forced profession, where producers and producers decide everything, and actors obediently agree.

In the world of economists, advertisers, everything is not so?

Yes, now I know that when I want independence in work, I can always something economically to advertise. I hope this will never happen.

Now you are busy in the daily series and by tradition should complain about a difficult life: how do you lack time and that you sleep for forty minutes a day?

Nothing! I have enough time for everything. I'm generally very energetic, my friends call me a "lighter". I come from the set and run around the house, cook something, clean up. And in general I'm just married. We were married six months ago with my young man Anton, so I do not have anything to complain about. I'm sorry I disappointed you.

Anton, then ... Maybe you also take pictures for other magazines? 

No, MAXIM is my first, honestly. I used to think that I can bare myself only before my husband ... Well, well! I posed and fotkala myself. I wanted to see how I look from the outside. I wore sexy underwear, such cotton, soft, coral, and kept it on my computer in the folder "Anya sexy". The most interesting thing is that I lost this computer!

The most interesting thing is that the one who now has this computer, probably answered the offer to buy MAXIM words: "Che, I have not seen it?"

Judging by the fact that those photos did not appear on the Web, this person went mad from my beauty and went to a Tibetan monastery, and there he will not be offered a magazine.

On the Internet, there is fantastic information that you told your parents five years ago that you will be married at twenty-five and your husband will be called Anton?

Yes, I even think about going to the Battle of Psychics. In fact, I'm just a very romantic young lady. In five years I fell in love for the first time, very seriously, in my classmate in the kindergarten. His name was Anton. I had a birthday, he gave me a rose - I kept it - and kissed my cheek. And I did not wash this cheek for a week.

I understand you correctly: if in your 23rd year your favorite actor Javier Bardem came to you and asked to marry him, then in response he would hear: "Handsome, wait a couple of years and change your name to Anton! What is this Javier ?! "

Of course! I think if a man loves, he will easily go to such a small concession - change the name to Anton!

Have you already quarreled with your husband for these six months?

Well, not without that ... Quarrels are sometimes needed to release steam. Especially with my hyperactivity. Besides, I'm jealous ...

What an abomination, Anya! Do you abuse your husband when he looks at other women?

Watch is please. But when something more ...

Type of what? Talking? And if this is an old friend? It's not polite to say hello ...

Then he should be very cold to say hello to her, letting him know that he dislikes the fact of the existence of other women on the Earth, except his wife, but we must observe decency.

And invite to the dance? "Dear Anna, will you allow me to dance with Glafira, the wife of my friend Gennady?"

Let go, but I will reproach him with eyes. And what are you doing with those eyes? In my opinion, this is normal female behavior.

No, Anya, not normal! There is nothing good in jealousy, it is generally a threat to relations!

Yes, yes, I know. And now I control myself much better, I struggle with jealousy, I have not maimed anyone for two years, and in general I am very kind, sweet, white and fluffy. Let's talk about something else.

How has your life changed since the launch of Univer?

Firstly, I now hear the word "university" every hundred thousand times: at work, from friends, everywhere. Secondly, I was recognized on the street.

And your heroine has some specific word, as was the case with the heroine Masha Kozhevnikoy - "pipets."

My heroine always says "cool!". Here is such a creative.

Yes, actors are really people who are bonded. In our shooting you are also a student, and you are preparing for the exam in the library. Have you ever been to the library?

You're a provocateur! What's the difference where ?!

And yet: the most interesting place where you had it?
Well, on the plane - it's unoriginal ... Once I did it on stage!


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