Vika Odintsova.

MAXIM - Before shooting in our despicable magazine, the goddess of Instagramma has condescended, her most beautiful living thing, Her  Hanging from a Skyscraper - Vika Odintsova!

Vicki, there are as many followers in your Instagram as there are 4,800,000 residents in St. Petersburg! It turns out that you are a profitable bride: both beautiful and earn good money!

Profitable. Instagram is an important working platform for a long time, but the main part of my work is related to shooting for various foreign brands. I fly a lot in connection with this.

We are not going anywhere. What is interesting in the world?

First of all, my work is an opportunity to see the world. Another nice bonus of my work trips is that I often meet famous personalities. Recently, in the south of France, I accidentally met Samuel Jackson, the funniest thing was in the lingerie store.

I hope he chose underwear not himself. Do you advertise only bodices and swimsuits, or are you ready to star in an advertisement for a cafe of Uzbek cuisine?

I am not only involved in the linen campaigns. For example, the company BMW, with which I cooperate, does not release swimwear. But you, by the way, guessed: at the very beginning of my career, I became the face of the Uzbek restaurant. The ad was funny, so I don’t consider that experience to be a mistake.

Do you like pilau itself?

Not. And, by the way, it has nothing to do with diets. I eat everything I want and am in the best shape because I regularly go in for sports.

Which room to buy a subscription to better consider your classes?

Do not believe it, but I am engaged in a very small and unpopular hall near the house. I put on headphones and do not get distracted by anyone. Now, for example, I am fond of barre.

So you go to the gym with a guitar?

Not! My barre is a new direction in sports: classes exclusively with their weight. I have back problems, so I do not pull the bar. I also like boxing: the body is in good shape and the negative is spilling out. Besides, I often hear stories about how girls are persecuted by maniacs, so that if something happens I can stand up for myself. But in general I'm a non-conflicting person, I'm a girl.

Did you break your nose on boxing?

I protect my face, and only the pear and the coach got to me.

And say again to the "coach"!

Coach ... And what's wrong?

Just you so sexy burr!

We will consider this a compliment. As a child I worked hard on pronunciation, but I could not fix it to the end. However, others consider it my highlight.

Do you easily contact with others? Or avoid people?

I am a rather closed person: I don’t go to clubs, I don’t excite shopping, I order clothes on the Internet ...

Let's talk about the sublime. Three hundred meters - this is the height of the skyscraper in Dubai, from which you hung on one hand without insurance. This was seen by 7 million 500 thousand YouTube viewers and your mom.

She was very scared. I promised that this will not happen again. I apologized for a long time. It all happened spontaneously and lasted no more than three seconds. Thank God, ended the way it ended. In no case do I advocate such tricks, nor do I regret having such an experience. But I’m not going to repeat this again.

How did you overcome the fear of heights?

Why did you decide that I overcame him? I'm still afraid of heights. Once I jumped from a bungee in Sochi from a height of 69 meters. Despite the beautiful view of the Akhshtyr gorge, I was so scared that I understood: I will not jump anymore! But on a roller coaster in Disneyland Paris liked. Although there are slides, too, not for the faint of heart. Real adrenaline!

Adrenaline adrenaline, but what about sexual fantasies? What you have not yet embodied?

There is one. I am seriously thinking about Ilona Mask. I want to agree with him about flying to Mars! (Maxim Russia)

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